Scents Real, Baby. v2



Yes, our candle names and descriptions may be risqué (actually, we think we're hilarious AF), but we take quality seriously.

For years, we bought expensive candles with names like "Summer Breeze" or "Starry Night" that barely smelled. So, we started Scents & Savagery to offer high-end candles that capture the zeitgeist and appeal to our sense of humor.

Every Scents & Savagery candle is hand-poured and uses only the finest ingredients, including a proprietary soy wax blend, a generous 12% load of premium fragrance oils, and 100% natural cotton wicks — all sourced to create luxurious, highly fragrant candles that deliver room-filling scents that burn soot-free when cared for properly.

(Okay. That's probably the last time you'll hear us talk "fancy" on this site.)

Alrighty, that's enough business talk from us today.

It's time for us to get back to our proprietary, wildly popular brand of smartassery and dry humor — but don't worry, we put some of it into our candles for you.

Scents & Savagery